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What you see, hear and feel are all contributing factors.

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Why Is Culture

Does your culture hinder or benefit organizational success?

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Does your culture hinder or benefit organizational success?


  • Employees work well together
  • Teamwork in feeling
  • Communication channels work
  • Employees enjoy each other
  • High retention
  • Employees love their job
  • Managers are respected
  • Vision is inspirational
  • Values are real and influential
  • Customer service occurs out of desire
  • Leadership inspires
  • Employees are engaged
  • Employees are proud of referring friends


  • Silos created us versus them
  • Politics rule the day
  • Complaints on not knowing what is going on
  • Regular negative conflict
  • High turnover
  • Employees can’t wait until 5:00
  • Managers are disliked
  • Vision is for corporate
  • Values are on paper only
  • Customer service occurs because it is in the job description
  • Leadership demotivates
  • Employees are waiting for something better
  • Employees are embarrassed to refer friends
Creating a conscious culture allows organizations to better know and understand the issues that both help and hinder the culture. Choose to become better by knowing the organizational culture and putting actions in place that move the needle toward and more powerful and effective organization. Culture matters!

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