L.T. (Tom) Hall

CEO & Transformational Change Leader at Resurgent Performance, Inc.

Over the last two decades, I have had the pleasure and honor of having worked beside some of the best consultants serving the Financial Services sector in the country, and Russ Elliot is clearly one of the best of the best. His ability to quickly grasp challenges facing management, understanding their cultural restrains, and developing workable solutions is nothing short of remarkable. I would give me my strongest recommendation and hopefully I will be working with him again.

Adam A. Beck

CFO Beck’s Shoes; New Balance NBL Licensee

As a consultant, Russ has really hit the ground running within our organization, but of course not without doing his due diligence & meeting with every department within our company. He has an amazing way about him & the calm needed to make everyone feel very comfortable in his presence. He has brought great insight into our company & I truly look forward to the challenges he brings next. I highly recommend Russ to help assess & develop a winning culture within any organization.

Haley Recio

Chief Human Resources Officer

I had a very interesting and important consulting contract I was pushing. Russ coached, guided and mentored me through the whole process. Talking me through my concerns. Helping me in formulating the dialogue I hoped to create. Cheerleading as I was waiting for results. Russ always made himself available and was in the moment with sage advice, calm and empathic listening and constructive feedback . The end result? A consulting engagement at Apple!

I highly recommend to any leader who would like coaching. Russ is especially adept at coaching Sr. HR leaders. He’s walked the walk and knows the inner workings of the challenges we are faced with daily. Russ always approached our conversations with a steady rudder. You can count on Russ! He is someone I plan on keeping in my corner for the rest of my professional career.

Sanjay Vadlamani

Sr. Risk Manager at Bridge Bank

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Russ is his listening skills and ability to relate and understand people. I can say he is a proven leader and ambassador of “culture”. He is an accomplished leader, a talented professional and has great depth of understanding of company culture and what it takes to create an “open” work environment that supports collaboration.

Ed Lambert

Senior Vice President at Bridge Bank

Russ is a great partner. Always supportive and ready to provide counsel. Even when delivering a tough message he discussed solutions to solving the problem. He has many constructive ideas that would be an asset to any company he works with.

Dan Pistone

Senior Vice President, Business Line Director – Technology & Energy and Infrastructure

I had the opportunity to work directly with him during a significant change in the organization design and implementation, moving from a centralized to regional model. Russ led the initiative that moved authority and empowerment closer to the client and customer interfacing members of the bank. This complex collaboration from the C-level on down was executed with minimal disruption and met the strategic growth goals of the bank

Ernie Malaspina

Attorney, Shareholder, Hopkins & Carley

Russ is a talented and resourceful individual who consistently and successfully employs creative and collaborative problem-solving approaches to the issues at hand. Russ is a perceptive and dedicated professional – I very much enjoy working with him and would recommend him to others without hesitation.

Daniela Bryan

Owner and Chief Vision Officer DBCoach

Competently navigating between the company’s vision and objectives and employees’ engagement, Russ is keen on driving culture competencies. Russ completed coach training since I first met him and actively engages employees with a coach approach. I found Russ to be an approachable and people-focused human resource professional and would recommend him highly. I hope to be able to continue working with him in the future

Muhammad Zaman

Forecasting and Planning

Russ and I worked together very closely as he helped me tremendously to lead me in navigating through many HR related challenges, such as, restructuring a team, searching for potential new talents, identifying, offering, and then finally hiring the best candidates for multiple positions. Also, besides the HR-related numerous one-on-one counseling that Russ has patiently hosted for my benefit, we have at the same time built a very solid, trusted, and friendly personal relationship. Russ is a mature, stable, and long-term oriented professional and should be considered as a high-value contributor to any organization.

Alan Fang

Senior Vice President Operations at MGA Entertainment

As an Executive at an organization, it is extremely important that I have a partner in the Human Resource Department for unbiased advice and counsel to bounce ideas off of. Russ is not only knowledgeable in the areas of Human Resource Management, but his pleasant demeanor, collaborative style, and objective approach made it easy for me to not only discuss business related topics, but also simply chit chat about everyday occurrences. I would certainly look forward to an opportunity where Russ and I can work together, and I would recommend him to any organization.

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