Understand & Build Culture

  • Facilitate leadership sessions on determining/refining vision, mission and values
  • Implement the Conscious Culture customized survey with analysis
  • Develop the Conscious Culture action plan collaboratively with leadership and employees
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Reinforce Culture

  • Recommend improvements to HR (recognition, compensation, meetings) and other organizational systems that impact culture
  • Deliver objective exit interviews that provide insight into actual and perceived culture
  • Create an effective on boarding program that supports culture shift
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Employment Brand & Hiring Fit

  • Define and realize the employment brand
  • Improve the organization's on-line presence
  • Teach Hiring Fit classes that include customized recruitment tools
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Leadership Development

  • Define leadership competencies
  • Develop a leadership development series with significant shifts in defined competencies
  • Implement an executive development program using 360 assessment and executive coaching
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Managerial Skill Development

  • Use the culture survey to identify the biggest managerial development needs
  • Create a Conscious Culture skill development program for managers
  • Coach high potential managers
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HR Coaching

  • Coach HR leaders on the Conscious Culture path so they can lead culture shifts within their organization
  • Coach HR leaders on HR and leadership challenges
  • Coach HR professionals who desire to progress in their career
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  • Reduce turnover
  • Measure culture survey results that provide objective, data based benchmarks each year and create targeted change on an intentionally, planned actions
  • Move from meaningless vision, mission and values to ones that are used everyday to make decisions
  • Tie values into performance management, incentive compensation, recognition, hiring fit and goal setting
  • Realize greater alignment and consensus with the C level
  • Enhance the employment brand which attracts more qualified candidates and reduces time to hire
  • Provide managers with Hiring Right classes to shorten the learning curve
  • Create on boarding sessions that induct new hires into the organizational culture and values
  • Provide in depth exit interviews that allow insightful feedback on the organization, departments, managers and overall culture reality
  • Receive recognition as a Top Place to Work
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