Each service listed was developed over a 30 year period and tested for impact on culture. These customizable approaches are a system that support organizations to use culture as a key component for success. Even effective organizations, regardless of industry and size, cannot  stand idle. They will be surpassed by competitors who are willing to stay in the loop of continuous feedback, learning and improvement. It is YOUR best retention strategy – millennials are 20 times more likely to stay when there is a clearly defined culture and they feel the Culture-fit.

Customized Culture Survey & Culture Group

The employee experience is the simplest way to define culture. One key step in creating an intentional conscious culture is identifying and eliminating gaps between the leadership’s vision of culture and the employee experience. Senior leadership holds beliefs on what they see as the “true culture” and often it differs from the employee experience. The best way to know these gaps is through a customized culture  survey. The disparities can be understood through electronic surveys, interviews or both. You will know all the strengths and challenges in leadership, strategy, communication, engagement, collaboration, change, learning and development, compensation, benefits and/or any other category that is important in growing YOUR unique culture. The key follow up step with the survey is bringing together a representative group to understand not only the numbers but what is known by employees though not stated in the survey.

At the Conscious Culture Group, we partner with you to create a customized culture survey as well as facilitate culture  group meetings that understand YOUR culture survey numbers and unstated meaning of the numbers.

Executive Coaching and 360 Feedback Tools Tied to Your Culture

The leadership team determines the vision of culture and is expected to model the values and behaviors. When there are leaders behaving otherwise, it becomes the most impactful and invisible breakdown of culture. Too often an employee observes a leader acting contrary to the stated values and behaviors which gives employees an excuse to also act differently. Frequently the leader does not realize it. A key step in evolving a culture is providing objective data to the leader that shares “blind spots”. A customized electronic 360 designed to reflect the intentions of the culture along with executive coaching are powerful tools that aid leader’s growth toward the culture. Interviews with the boss, peers and direct reports is an additional method used to provide increased depth of insight.

At the Conscious Culture Group, we work with you to create YOUR customized electronic and interview 360s as well as provide you with top executive coaching talent.

Leadership Clarity of Vision, Mission & Values

If you ask 10 employees what the vision, mission and values are, in most organizations you will likely have only a few of the staff get the “correct” answer. This is a strong indicator that the vision, mission and values need to be reviewed. If employees do not know the behaviors and values and/or are not exhibiting them, you do not have an intentional conscious culture. A key approach in growing your intentional culture is through leadership team offsite meetings that bring everyone together to define “who the organization is and how it should behave”. Only when there is complete buy in and alignment can the leadership team fully articulate and share the desired direction.

At the Conscious Culture Group, we facilitate leadership team offsite meetings that lead to YOUR unique and clear vision, mission, values and behaviors.

Managerial Skill Development Tied to Your Culture

An effective culture survey identifies strengths and challenges managers have in the culture. If you are aiming for a culture that builds trust, and you learn in the survey that employees rated trust low, you now know one tactic that will advance your intended culture. Culture related courses can include topics like emotional intelligence, coaching and mentoring, change management, conflict resolution, holding teams accountable, providing actionable feedback, effective recognition, recruiting for culture fit, team building and others.

At the Conscious Culture Group, we offer a range of courses customized to YOUR unique culture needs taught by the best trainers whose success is based on results.

Leadership Development Tied to Your Culture Competencies

Too often leadership development programs are interesting and fun but they do not change behavior since they are not tied to and reinforced by the culture. Based on the belief that every culture is unique, the best method to drive leadership member’s capabilities begins with the process of interviewing members using a customized methodical approach of competency prioritization. Once the top competencies that drive organizational and culture success are clear, only then can your organization can create a relevant and impactful leadership development program that supports and nurtures the intended culture.

At the Conscious Culture Group, we design customized leadership development programs tied to YOUR unique culture.


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