Building A Conscious Intentional Culture

Modeled after the course taught at UC Berkeley Extension, this on-site course teaches the 10 levers of Conscious Culture to your leadership team. Learn and implement with confidence aspects of culture that you can control and influence while creating a stronger, tighter leadership team. This is your moment to lead.

Build A Better Business

Organizations are beginning to understand the importance of culture, and yet, few people within the organization really understand what culture is and how to influence it.

78% of executives believe organizational culture is among the top 5 things that make their company valuable, yet only 15% believe their own corporate culture is exactly where it needs to be.

This course from Conscious Culture Group® will give the leadership team everything it needs to become culture experts with tools and processes that can be applied to the organization. Use these tools to build an easy-to-follow map, allowing the leadership
team to effectively understand and create an intentional culture.

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“A strong culture can help or hurt performance. Culture can account for up to half of the difference in operating profit between two organizations in the same business.”

– James Haskett, Harvard Business School


Leadership, and often, HR, is tasked to fix and improve company culture, yet they have no significant knowledge or experience in doing it.


Complete this Conscious Culture class as a leadership team and build an intentional culture together.

By the end of the course, participants will understand:

✓ What culture is and is not
✓ What makes a conscious intentional culture
✓ The four stages companies culture goes through
✓ Why motivation theory is important to understand
✓ What can go wrong
✓ Design a unique vision and mission statement
✓ Why values are important and the biggest mistakes made
✓ Keys to effective values and behaviors
✓ Determine effective unique values and behaviors

✓ The importance of understanding the employee experience
✓ Mistakes made with culture surveys
✓ Culture surveys that are most successful
✓ Why culture specific manager training is critical
✓ Determine the manager training needed in your culture
✓ Leadership development plans that support culture
✓ Determine the HR systems that will be revised
✓ Effective employment branding that shouts out your culture
✓ Gaining buy in for culture clarity and change

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Meet The Instructor

Russ Elliot, Founder of the Conscious Culture Group®, is the only instructor of culture at UC Berkeley Extension. As an expert on organizational culture, Russ is committed to helping business and HR leaders building sustainable and effective intentional cultures within their organization.

Working closely with leaders, Russ brings his 32 years of HR practitioner experience to his consulting and coaching practice. By offering this class on-site with the leadership team, he aims to get leaders up to speed quickly on building an intentional company culture in two days.

What They’re Saying

“The course was excellent! The professor has a lot of experience, and he was very open to sharing his knowledge. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed my whole time on this course.”

“Not only does Russ’ expertise shine through, but his genuine excitement and care about the subject matter came across clearly. Thanks!”

“I’m walking away with three specific tasks to build engagement and culture. There was plenty of awesome content that was all so relevant to me.”

“The content is very clear, and the participation element allows for awareness development. It really made me think of how we can be better.”

Become Your Organization’s Culture Expert

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