HR System

culture model

Conscious culture survey

Gain a clear picture of what is going on.

Gain anonymous information that shares employee’s perceptions. We synthesize raw data, analyze it from a number of different perspectives (xx, yy) and generate a report that identifies the strengths and opportunities for getting better.

Conscious culture plan

Most important part of culture is diagnosis.

Using the information gathered through the survey, the Conscious Culture plan draws on a cross section of leaders and employees to dive into the survey results and allow dialogue that truly gets at what employees are thinking. Strengths grow and solutions are created for the damaging causes of culture.

Conscious manager training

People join for the company and leave for the boss.

One weak link in organizational effectiveness is managerial competency. We will determine and deliver relevant managerial training that can include Hiring right, Managing change, Motivating performance, Becoming a masterful coach, Leading with emotional intelligence, Managing different generations and Situational Leadership.

Conscious leadership development

Leaders matter and insight is key.

We provide 360 assessments and coaching for higher-level leaders. Together we will create a long-term leadership development series that focuses on the biggest leadership development needs. Significant breakthrough group assignments will be used as the “final test” to allow safe experiential growth.

HR System Reinforcement

Make sure all arrows are pointing in the same direction.

We examine all HR systems to ensure they aid in the desired behavior outcomes. Systems can include goal setting, compensation, performance management, promotion of company values and recognition systems.

Employment Brand

What does the outside world see?

We work with you to effectively share your story with applicants starting with your website. Other websites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are evaluated to ensure the true employee experience is felt by the outside world. Employee videos that tell your story are quite impactful.

Vision, Mission and Values

Begin defining your culture through a well articulated vision, a deeply rooted mission and values that effectively state what drives each employee every day.

Russ Elliot, Founder and Principal, uses his 30 plus years of experience to partner with company leadership on customizing tools that target the culture shifts using objective data. The developed model came out of many years of leading culture efforts. Clients are able to move forward successfully without having to go through the trial and error experiences that often go with culture work. Success happens in an efficient and effective manner when utilizing the Conscious Culture model.

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