Uber’s New Culture Norms– 5 Key Next Steps

It is great to see Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi take an affirmative step in changing Uber’s culture during his first three months on the job. Through his leadership, Uber surveyed employees asking for their ideas on values and received 1,200 submissions with 22,000 employee votes.  This ultimately led to Dara and the leadership team to… Read more »

Conscious Culture Stage Development

While recently having blood drawn for a medical screen, the attendant asked what I did for work. I shared with her that I was a company culture consultant, the founder of the Conscious Culture Group.  She didn’t understand what company culture was and asked about it. We discussed her work, her work environment, her manager and… Read more »

Intentional culture requires listening

Too many organizations feel like they have an organizational culture and yet, when talking with the employees working in the organization, they’re having a very different experience than the intended culture. Leaders cannot build the company culture on their own without listening to employees and understanding the employee experience. There is now enough evidence to… Read more »

HR systems are critical in building culture

Wells Fargo has become a vivid example of how companies can veer off in the wrong direction of their company culture due to the influence of their Human Resources systems. There were “widespread illegal” sales practices that included opening as many as two million accounts without customer permission which led to a $185 million fine… Read more »

What we can learn from the list of best places to work for 2016

Culture matters. Fortune magazine recently published their article and list of 2016 Best Small and Medium-sized Companies to Work For. They conclude that “these companies prove the truth of the adage ‘Culture easts strategy for breakfast’. When I headed the HR function as the HR Director and we received Best Places recognition, employees were excited… Read more »

6 engagement statements you want to hear

Six engagement statements you want to hear from your employees   Employee engagement is an overused term with many meanings and definitions. Surveys remind us engagement is low and disengagement is too high. It is something every employee wants and every employer needs. From a practical perspective, what does employee engagement look like? What employee… Read more »

LinkedIn vision, values and culture – insights

LinkedIn CEO shares the importance of vision, values and culture We do not often hear CEOs sharing the importance of creating an organization’s vision, values and culture. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner discussed this in a letter to LinkedIn employees right after the announcement that Microsoft was acquiring LinkedIn. For perspective, LinkedIn employee growth shot from… Read more »

Interview with SHRM (HR Magazine)

I am excited to have been interviewed by SHRM as an HR and company culture expert for the national HR Magazine article called How HR Can Help Middle Managers Succeed because it is a topic that gets little attention. Middle managers are a critical group to any organization’s success and these managers often receive the… Read more »

Facebook – 7 behaviors that stood out for effective managers

From Business Insider on January 27, 2016. At Facebook, employees know that they don’t need to become managers in order to be successful. “The most important thing is that we choose managers who want to be managers,” Lori Goler, Facebook’s VP of people, told Business Insider. Facebook is a strength-based organization, she said, and that means… Read more »

Zappos and holacracy-CEO memo to employees

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh sent a memo to employees explaining holacracy and its intent. It is a great (long) read to understand what holacracy is and is not. Tony Hsieh provided his permission to Fast Company for this memo to be public.  This was published in Fast Company March 30, 2015.   This is a long… Read more »

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